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Amnah Agro-Allied farms.
Healthy Food For All.

We hatch and supply quality catfish, chickens, healthy fattened bulls/sheep, processed honey, and farming of cereal crops.

Our Farms

Amnah Agro-Allied farms is a center for livestock and crop production. . Let’s take you on a tour.

Cereal Crops

We grow in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide. Our major cereals are rice, maize, millet and wheat.

Bee Farm

We extract honey from our bees. Our honey are 100% natural, no preservatives, no additives.

Poltry Farm

We specialize in chickens (broiler, cockerels) and eggsWe practice the “Pareto Principle”, 80% of our effort is ensuring our chickens are well fed and kept in a neat environment.We also have a routine medication and vaccination to ensure our chickens are disease-free

Our Activities

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